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Mark your calendar, set an alarm on your phone, because the Philadelphia Spinners are hosting their MLU rivals the New York Rumble on May 30 at 7:00 p.m.

If seeing some great ultimate isn’t enough for you and you need more convincing, here are the top ten reasons why you should fit this game into your schedule.

1. Location, Location, Location

The Spinners will be hosting the Rumble at beautiful Villanova Stadium on May 30. Originally built in 1927, the Goodreau Field Stadium has 12,500 open seats we are looking to fill. The stadium’s synthetic AstroPlay field has welcomed the talented athletes of Villanova football, field hockey, lacrosse, track and field and also many intramural sports. The Spinners are excited to join other professional sports teams, such as WUSA’s Philadelphia Charge and Major League Lacrosse’s Philadelphia Barrage, on this respected field. With such a great history of athletic triumphs, the Philadelphia Spinners are happy to contribute to the stadium’s athletic resume.

2. It’s Luau Night!

Put on that Hawaiian shirt and pick up a flower lei ‘cause it’s Luau time! Now that it’s warm out, we can celebrate in style. We encourage fans to dress to impress in grass skirts and luau outfits as a fun addition to the Spinner fan experience.

3. Tailgate

For all 21-and-older Spinners fans, the option to tailgate is now available at the Villanova VIP parking lot located directly next to the stadium. We encourage our fans to drink responsibly and enjoy an afternoon of grilling and KanJam before the game!

4. School Support

The Spinners love to promote the growth of ultimate and want to thank sports coaches and athletic directors from colleges and high schools in the area. The Spinners are strong supporters of getting people out in the fresh air living healthy lives and want to show appreciation for those who hold the same mantra. We encourage you to come out and show your support for your favorite local athletic programs.

5. $500 Cash

As if you need more convincing, the Spinners are going to give you the opportunity to leave the game with money in your pocket. At halftime we will be holding a Trash for Cash competition, where selected members of our fans will be chosen to compete in a chance to win 500 dollars for their ultimate program. Participants will get to show off their throwing skills on the Villanova field and could go home a team hero!

6. The Rivalry

The Philadelphia Spinners and the New York Rumble have always proven themselves to be great competitors. Each face-off between the two has been exciting and a point-for-point exchange. This game is expected to be no different. The Spinners first saw the Rumble in 2013 and took a hard fall to them 21-13. However since then, the Spinners and Rumble have gone back and forth each pulling off respectable wins. When the Spinners last saw the Rumble earlier this month they came out victorious with a 21-16 win after being down at half. The game was filled with big hucks and great bids, and the Spinners D-line wore down the tired Rumble offense.

7. Dizzy and the Spinners Dance Team

As always, our spirited Dizzy and the Spinners Dance Team will be at the game. The Spinners would be nowhere if it weren’t for Dizzy and his girls getting the fans pumped and giving away awesome free gear. Don’t miss the opportunity to pose for pictures with Dizzy and dance along to the “YMCA” with the Spinners Dance Team!

8. Gift cards

Here at the Spinners home base we are fans of our fans. To show our appreciation of your continued support we are giving you the opportunity to win free gift cards to your favorite local vendors. A few lucky fans will be chosen to compete in our halftime contests for the chance to win a Rita’s gift card and a Dave & Busters gift card.

9. The Merch

I might be a little bias but I could spend a whole paycheck at the Spinners merchandise table. From posters to clothing items and everything in between, the Spinners want you to be decked out head to toe, from MLU socks to Spinners hats. Be sure to stop on over there and pick up your new favorite gear.

10. Post-Game Get Together

After the game the players will be winding down with drinks and good eats at Gullifity’s. While they recuperate, friends, family and fans are welcome to come join them and participate in a meet-and-greet. Don’t forget to bring all that new merch you just bought because the Spinners will gladly sign anything you’ve got.


Get your tickets NOW and cheer on the Spinners as they continue their march to the MLU playoffs!

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