Photo by Bob Durling –

The Philadelphia Spinners had several players breakout on their way to the 2016 MLU Championship, but perhaps no one more dynamic and exciting than third-year cutter Himalaya Mehta.

Prior to suffering a hand injury and missing the last several weeks of the season, Mehta was a leading name among candidates for MLU’s Breakout Player of the Year, consistently making highlight reel plays while filling the boxscore on offense.

One play that most clearly demonstrated how valuable a player Mehta can be was during the 4th quarter of a close game with Philadelphia’s strongest rival, the Boston Whitecaps, in Week 6. Following a turn by the Spinners, Mehta was able to quickly switch into a defensive mindset, intercepting a Boston pass to recover possession. After dumping the disc off to his teammates, the speedy Mehta broke downfield, giving his handler a deep option.

Trusting in Mehta as a receiver, Philadelphia’s David Brandolph launched a flick huck downfield. The disc carried, passing both Mehta and his defender who was several steps behind. However, known for his determination and willingness to sacrifice his body for his team, Mehta made a last second diving bid for the disc, catching it securely with both hands for the goal. 

The Whitecaps would go on to win the game in overtime (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME), handing the Spinners their first and only loss of the season, but not for lack of effort from Mehta, who flashed the nasty turf burn he received on the play to the camera.

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