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The Spinners (5-0) defeated the Rumble (1-4) for the third win of three contests between to the two teams in the 2016 MLU Season.

During Saturday’s game against the , the made MLU history once again as they celebrated a five win streak after a 25-15 win. Both teams entered the field during what fans called “perfect ultimate weather” seeking a victory.  The Spinners looked to remain undefeated, but would be missing a few key pieces in , , and .  As for the Rumble, they were seeking revenge for Philadelphia’s last two wins against them.

The first pull came from at the Rumble’s end of the field, leading to some strong defense from New York early on in the quarter.  Undeterred, the Spinners managed to do what they do best in less than a minute – scoring their first goal!  Philadelphia’s first score was made possible by a long huck from right to who then found  in the end zone.  The next few minutes consisted of two break points from Philadelphia’s and  giving the undefeated team a three point lead.  The Spinners were rejoicing about their early lead until the Rumble scored their first goal of the game after a timeout about halfway through the quarter.  Could this have been the beginning of the Rumble’s fight back?

The scoreboard read 5-2 with the Spinners in the lead as the teams gathered on their respective ends of the field for the first pull of the second quarter.  The second quarter began similarly to the first with the first goal coming from the Spinners, with some great teamwork from rookies  and . It wasn’t until after the second score by  that the Rumble were able to get their offense going.  The Spinners stumbled a bit, allowing the Rumble to score three times in a row. Rumble fans were going crazy in the stands, but the Spinners remained calm, knowing that New York was playing catch up with the score at 7-5.  The Rumble defense was on fire for most of the quarter, allowing them to creep back into the game.  However, with less than 2 minutes to go, the Spinners showed why they are leading the conference, racking up the points by earning five scores before the buzzer.  After the Rumble scored with just :05 left on the clock, Sickles managed to find Reydams in a crowded endzone  giving the Spinners a 13-7 lead as the clock hit zero.

At the start of the second half of the game, Brownlee released the first pull again, but this time with the Rumble’s six point deficit in mind.  The Spinners capitalized on their momentum from the first half with their first goal on an assist from to rookie Roman less than a minute into the quarter, again showing Philadelphia’s ability to score quickly.  This was just the first of many superb moves by Brandolph for the Spinners.  For the Spinners, the third quarter was “ The Brandolph Show”, as the veteran tallied three of his four assists for the game and scored a goal of his own. The Spinners’ dominant play only continued to burn 搬瓦工 bright through the quarter, and by the time the clock read 6:03, they had doubled the Rumble’s score 16-8.  New York, known for fighting until the final buzzer, began to pick up the pace, scoring three times in the last three minutes. However, the Spinners didn’t let them get away so easily, matching the Rumble goal for goal.  By the end of the quarter, the score stood at 20-11 with the Spinners out in front.

Heading into the final quarter, the Rumble were fighting a major deficit, which only continued to grow after  began the fourth quarter with bookends for the Spinners.  Damiano’s score again came within the first minute of the quarter. Philadelphia seemed to relish in that scoring trend this game.  They also continued to maintain their phenomenal lead against the Rumble for the remainder of the quarter.  The Spinners did grant the Rumble four goals, while they achieved five themselves.  New York continued to fight, dropping the deficit to 9 with a smooth score by with less than nine seconds on the clock.  The Spinners though, had to have the last word and finish with a double digit victory, scoring the last goal of the game. And that was all she wrote as the Spinners took the final win against the Rumble with a score of 25-15!

The final Spinners scorers of the game were: second year veteran Sickles, who lead the team’s scoring efforts with 4 goals and 4 assists, Reydams with 3 goals and a habit of scoring at the last second, three goals from Roman, two from , Dunn, and Esser each and finally a score a piece to add to the Spinner’s continued undefeated efforts from Brandolph, Peck, Baer, , , , Lindsey, , and bookend scorer, Damiano.  Out of all this scoring we can’t forget about the outstanding assists from our Spinners.  Sickles, Brandolph, and Peck killed it out there with assists during the game with 4 a piece!  As for defense, we had and ahead of the Rumble’s plays with a few blocks each.  That’s some stellar play on both sides of the disc from Philadelphia for the game against the Rumble!

Next weekend brings a great deal of excitement for the Spinners and the Rumble as both teams play away at their opponents’ stadiums.   The Rumble are heading out west to Yellowjacket Stadium for a .  As for the Spinners, they are traveling up north to face last year’s MLU Champions, the .

Be sure to tune in to to watch these superb teams play and see if the Spinners undefeated streak continues!

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