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The Spinners announced a second batch of player re-signings today, confirming the return of five players for their second year with the team in 2017.

The Philadelphia Spinners have re-signed five more players from their 2016 MLU Championship winning team. Brice Dunn, Ethan Fortin, Mike Arcata, Vince Reydams and Nick Patel have all re-signed following their 2016 rookie campaigns.

Several of these young returners made their marks on the team in 2016, and will look to continue developing in their second year in the league.

“Brice Dunn and Ethan Fortin are going to be stars in Philadelphia some day, and I think that day will be sooner than later,” said New Head Coach of the SpinnersCharlie Hoppes. “Both players are highlight reel players already, and my hope is that this season is a big step towards them playing consistently at their very high ceiling.”

Dunn, a 6-foot-1 cutter out of Temple University was a integral part of the Spinners shutdown defense in 2016. Physical and athletic, Dunn proved he was capable of marking speedy handlers as well as taller cutters. Tallying eight blocks as a rookie, Dunn became a scoring threat after the turn, recording eight goals and an assist.


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“I love Brice’s ability to guard many types of players and generate turns, and his aggression after a block to go get the disc is becoming a staple of his game,” Hoppes said.

Fortin, currently a senior at Villanova University, was sidelined for much of the 2016 season with a foot injury but was impressive while he was on the field. A capable athlete with good throws and solid decision making, Fortin will look to make a much bigger impact for the Spinners now that he is healthy.


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“Fortin has the creative and powerful throwing “it” factor that’s hard to teach, not unlike [Spinners Veterans] Leon Chou, Michael Panna and Ethan Peck,” said Hoppes.

Reydams was one of the MLU’s standout rookies in 2016, as his impressive 6-foot-6 frame is hard to miss. The Penn State product became an instant threat in the red zone, using his size and athleticism to come down with the disc in the end zone. The Spinners used Reydams frequently when time was short, knowing that with a last second huck to the end zone, there was a decent chance that he would emerge from the pack with the score. 


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“I think people fail to realize what a tremendous athlete Vince is,” said Hoppes. “He’s so much more than a big body and it’s both predictable and shocking to see him reach the level that he is now. He’s better every single time he plays. He’s the best kind of teammate, and he is so hungry to improve.”
Reydams accounted for 14 goals and 5 assists as a rookie.
Patel, a 5-foot-7 handler out of Drexel University was a stalwart of the Spinner’s D-line in 2016, and proved to be one of the team’s most dynamic handlers in his first year in the MLU. Playing 99 points in the regular season for the Spinners in 2016, Patel shined in the postseason, completing over 94 percent of his passes and scoring the first point of the 2016 MLU Championship Game against the Portland Stags.

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“The most impressive part of Nick Patel’s 2016 was the consistency,” Hoppes said. “He’s been an electric player since college, and to call him a hard-worker is quite an understatement. Now that he’s really started to put all those tools together, I’d be surprised if 2017 isn’t a break-out year for Nick.”
Arcata became a major piece of the Spinners offense in 2016 when he was tasked with picking up the slack resulting from an injury to starting cutter Himalaya Mehta. The 24-year old cutter out of University of Connecticut produced well for a rookie, tallying 8 goals, 5 assists and 4 blocks on 107 points played during the regular season, adding another of each during 15 points played in the playoffs.

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“I haven’t had the pleasure of coaching Mike Arcata yet, but he is universally loved by the guys on the team,” said Hoppes. “And the tape and the games I watched last season certainly spoke volumes. I love his versatility. The ability to play offense and defense at the level that he does is a huge asset for any team.”

These five returning players join Dave Baer, Gabe Colton, Billy Sickles and Mehta, all of whom re-signed last week as Hoppes continues to build a core for the 2017 Spinners roster. For roster updates, as well as tryout announcements and other team news, follow the Spinners on Twitter and Facebook.

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