Through their partnership with CoachUp, the Philadelphia Spinners now offer the opportunity to schedule private coaching sessions with players and coaches.

The Spinners are thrilled to be able to offer individualized training to athletes looking to build their ultimate skills.

“The Spinners have always been committed to supporting ultimate players trying to improve their game. We are excited to add the opportunity CoachUp offers to our clinics and camps,” said Spinners General Manager and Head Coach Billy Maroon. “The chance to offer private coaching sessions is a great way to get the personalized training that can elevate a player to the next level.”

Founded in 2011, CoachUp offers athletes in many sports the chance to work with professional coaches and players to perfect their skills in a one-on-one setting. CoachUp has established a Spinners Training Portal, allowing aspiring athletes to see what players and coaches are available and pick the one that best suits their schedule and their desired training experience.

The partnership between the Spinners and CoachUp presents the oppurtunity to athletes of all levels in the Philadelphia area for them to grow their ultimate skill set.

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