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The Philadelphia Spinners head up to New York to take on the Rumble, feeling confident about where they stand despite losing their first contest to the Current last weekend, 21-18.

The Spinners (0-1) did a good job of integrating new talent onto the roster, with great performances from Matt Esser and Ben Scharadin, and were it not for one late game miscue, Philadelphia could have notched a win in its first contest of the season. That’s left the team feeling optimistic going into Week 2.

“You can’t get much closer than having the disc in your hands with 40 seconds left with a chance to put the game into overtime. We had six red zone turnovers and four delay of game penalties,” Spinners Head Coach Billy Maroon said. “Those mistakes can’t happen.”

It was the mental errors that killed the Spinners, something that they will look to clean up against a turnover-prone Rumble team. The big take away, however, is that Philadelphia can hang with the rest of the East.

“Despite the loss to D.C., overall the team left that game feeling positive,” Spinners offensive cutter Jake Rainwater said. “From a talent stand point, we felt that we were just as good as them. While neither team played their best game, I felt that our shortcomings came from some mental errors and poor decision making, not from an inability to match up talent wise.

“That being said, the season is too short to let winnable games slip away. That may be the last game we feel positive about after losing.”

It is a short season, and luckily for the Spinners, they catch New York (0-1) at a good time. The Rumble were decimated by the Whitecaps in Week 1, as all of the new talent on the roster failed to gel early on. The Spinners will play New York again in Week 3, and if the Rumble fail to come together by then, Philadelphia could grab not just one but two big wins early in the year.

Even though the Rumble did not look like a team to be reckoned with in its first contest of the year, the Spinners are still preparing for the team many expected to see.

“I am sure they will look much different this week,” Maroon said. “We really could not learn much about them from the game film.”

What has been well-documented is that the Spinners will have to shut down a loaded Rumble offense.

Chris Mazur leads the way, and he will look to have a bounce back game after turning over the disc far too often against Boston. Former Spinner Sean Murray is just one of the downfield targets that Mazur and the rest of the Rumble backfield can find deep.

“Mazur, like Alan Kolick, is so tough to stop because he does everything well,” Rainwater said. “Shutting him down will be extremely tough but if we can contain him and limit some of his touches, especially him going downfield, I think we will be successful.”

Maroon expects Frederik Brasz to cover Mazur for most of the contest, but he will shuffle other people onto last year’s East MVP throughout the contest.

The big key for the Spinners, however, is how the new players have changed the manner in which the Spinners run their offense.

“Guys like Ben Scharadin, Matt Zumbrum and Alex Peters really make our offense more dynamic downfield,” Rainwater said.

Of all the new players though, look for Esser to make the biggest impact on both offense and defense.

“Esser is simply a special talent that can make game changing plays.”

If the Spinners take home this road win, Esser will have a say in it.


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