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The (5-1) look forward to their second regular season game against the (2-4) at home on Saturday, May 28 at 4:00 p.m.

This upcoming weekend, the Spinners are back at home for a game against the D.C. Current at Germantown Academy’s Carey Stadium.  The Spinners are looking for their sixth  win of the season to boost team morale after their last game against the .  It was just two weekends ago when the Spinners went head to head against last year’s MLU Champs away at Hormel Stadium.  The Spinners had an early lead giving them their usual winner’s confidence until the Whitecaps took the win by a single point in over time.  

The loss put a damper on the Philadelphia team’s weekend and ended their season long undefeated streak as well.  As for the D.C. Current, the nation’s capital team will walk onto the field with their heads held high after last weekend’s win against the .  The team celebrated their second win in a row of the season and Current fans are hoping this momentum lasts.

This weekend’s game will be a hot one for the Spinners and the Current. Philadelphia will prepare for the game with hopes of a similar outcome to the last time these two teams met, a for the Spinners.  That last meeting, all the way back in Week 2 was a hard fought battle on the road for the Spinners.  

As the first pull was released, the Spinners managed to once again maintain their season long trend of taking the lead early on in the game.  Unfortunately for Philadelphia, D.C. had ended up tying up the scoreboard no too long after.  The 2-2 score wasn’t around for long though because after a score by , the Spinners were on fire and the Current never got a chance to catch up.  By the second quarter, the Spinners offense and defense had kicked it up another notch to finish out the half with a 12-7 lead.  The second half began with the D.C. Current starting to fight back as both teams traded goals back and forth throughout express vpn the third quarter.  However, as the Current inched closer to tying up the game, the Spinners did not let their fans down when they ended the quarter with the score at 17-13.  By the 4th Quarter, the Current knew they had a lot of ground to cover as the scoreboard reflected their 4 point deficit.  DC had used their time well when fourth goal of the game brought a surge of energy to the Current.  Before the Spinners knew it, the Current had a two point deficit.  Then, during the last minutes of the game, the Spinners took the wheel ending with scoring his 6th and final goal of the game giving Philadelphia a 21-18 win.

Philadelphia’s last win against the Current had marked their third win of the season.  The Spinners were able to secure the win with the help of Glazer, who lead the team’s scoring efforts with 6 goals, rookie Martin who brought in 4 scores, and additional goals by , and .

Since the last time these two teams met, the Spinner’s MLU League standings have progressed as they now have a total of five wins under their belt.  So, what will this weekend’s game bring for the Eastern Conference’s top team, the Spinners, and the D.C. Current, who are still hoping to edge their way into the postseason? 

Be sure to join the Spinners at home this weekend!  Your favorite Philadelphia team will be playing in .  If you can’t make it to the field, be sure to to catch all the action!

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