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The Philadelphia Spinners are happy to announce the Spinners Student Program, which will encourage kids to participate in clinics, attend games and learn and develop as ultimate players. 

The Spinners have been thrilled with the interest that young ultimate players have shown, from the Standouts who play at halftime of Philadelphia home games to the large number of children who made it out to clinics run by some of your favorite Spinners. With the creation of the Spinners Student Program, the team and staff hopes to cultivate youth ultimate across the Philadelphia area.

When you become a student of the Spinners, you will receive a stamp card with your information on it. When you attend any event that the Spinners host for teaching or development purposes (i.e. clinics, hat tournaments, group or individual lessons), you will receive stamps on your card. These stamps make you eligible for certain prizes based on how many you obtain.

All card holders receive 15 percent off of Spinners tickets for the 2015 season. Once a card holder receives four stamps, that person will also receive 15 percent off of all merchandise at Spinners games. After eight stamps have been acquired, the card holder has the ability to upgrade a game ticket to a VIP level in addition to the discounts on tickets and merchandise. At 12 stamps, the card holder receive two discs signed by his or her favorite player.

In addition to individual benefits, teams can fundraise to earn money for their school or youth programs through fundraising events and ticket sales.

Signing up for a Spinners Student Card is FREE, so you should enroll now! Click here to fill out a simple form telling us about your ultimate background.

For private lessons, head over to and find your favorite Spinner there to provide individual coaching.

If your team is looking for a closed clinic, shoot an email to

This is an exciting time for the sport of ultimate, and it is on the backs of the young generation that the sport will grow. Be a part of it by joining the Spinners Student Program.

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