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Philadelphia announced on Wednesday that Patrick Diviney has re-signed a two-year contract with the Spinners.

Diviney will play in his third consecutive season with the Spinners and look to follow-up on his 2014 campaign where he posted 27 points on 16 goals and 11 assists.

“I know that I am in it for the long haul with the MLU,” said Diviney. “It’s a great player experience and I really appreciate the ability to play competitively.”

In the 2014 season, Diviney was an offensive cutter, but he is moving to the defensive cutter position for 2015. After losing Frederick Brasz, Head Coach Billy Maroon will move Diviney to the defensive line and keep him as a backup for the offensive line.

“I think he will get a lot more D’s than most people expect,” said Maroon. “Then he will be dangerous on the turnover. Last season Matt Esser led the league in bookends; he will have some competition this year from Diviney.”

Whether he sees an opening and cuts deep or hucks it downfield to a streaking teammate, Diviney is known for stretching the field on turnovers. At 6-foot-1, Diviney will have more chances to create these turnovers as a member of the defensive line.

“I think I use my size, speed  and strength to my advantage when I play,” said Diviney. “On defense that means playing physical, shutdown defense on anybody I’m covering. I can cover a variety of different players, both handlers and cutters.”

Maroon sees Diviney as one of the top three pure athletes on the team. Not only is he fast, but he has one of the highest verticals on the team and his throws have improved since last year.

For the past six months, Diviney has been preparing for the 2015 season by keeping to a strict strength and conditioning training schedule and for the past two months, he’s been working with Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Johnson.

“Ben has designed a three-phase preseason program focused on the athletic demands inherent to playing ultimate,” said Diviney. “I’ve been seeing great results in the weight room, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they translate on the field.”

Diviney started his ultimate career at Bucknell University where he played all four years, and currently plays for the Philadelphia Patrol club team.

Diviney foresees a successful 2015 Spinners season as the team has the talent and experience for a playoff run.

“I want to make the Eastern Conference playoffs and be in serious contention to go to the championship game,” said Diviney. “If our team can stay healthy and continue to develop chemistry, we will have a great chance.”

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