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Captain Nick Hirannet received the honor of the MLU Friction Gloves Catch of Week 7 after his strong second effort to catch a tipped disc in the end zone against the New York Rumble.

Hirannet cut deep as handler Ian McClellan sent a backhand huck downfield. Rumble defender Andrew Hollingworth got a hand on the disc and tipped it deep into the end zone where Hirannet was able to run it down and toe the back line for a Philadelphia goal.

“As soon as it was tipped, I immediately started chasing it down. I heard Glazer calling and thought about the greatest, but I quickly realized it was going to be close enough to try and toe the line,” said Hirannet.

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The Spinners gained momentum in the second quarter and after Hirannet’s amazing catch they went up by five points. Philadelphia continued on a scoring streak and went on to beat the Rumble 25-10.

“We were already starting to roll at that point and everything was just clicking,” said Hirannet. “I think anytime someone makes a big play it can change the momentum of a game. The defender made a great layout bid there so I don’t doubt that if the D had stood, New York might have been able to build some energy off of that. Instead, we got the goal and continued to pull away.”

Hirannet is having a great season thus far recording 23 points with 8 goals, 15 assists and a 93.9 percent completion rate.

Hirannet and the Spinners take on the D.C. Current Saturday, June 6 at Harry R. Harvey Stadium. The first pull is set for 6:30 p.m. If you cannot make it to the game, be sure to follow the Spinners on Facebook and Twitter for live updates of Hirannet and the rest of the team.

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