The Spinners are pleased to announce that Marcus Ranii-Dropcho has been awarded the Friction Gloves Catch of the Week for his play against the Washington D.C. Current in Week 8.

Ranii-Dropcho definitely earned his first MLU point. Jonah Wisch, who plays in college with Ranii-Dropcho at the University of Pittsburgh, leaves his throw into the end zone a little low, but Ranii-Dropcho makes a fantastic bid and rips the disc into his hands just before it hits the ground. Welcome to the pros, Marcus!

“The play developed off an unsuccessful in cut,” Ranii-Dropcho said. “I was looked off on my underneath and immediately turned my cut into a clear deep.  When I saw the buck go up to Papa, I just put my head down and sprinted down the field, looking for the continuation.  When I saw him pop it out to Jonah, I knew he would throw it, so I just did my best to alter my cut for Jonah’s position on the field.  He threw it low and away, but I knew as soon as it went up, that I could make up the ground and make a play on it.  That’s what teammates do, they bail out each other’s mistakes. Mistakes are going to happen and execution errors are inevitable.  I was just in the right place at the right time to make a play for my team.”

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John Phillips was born and raised in Philadelphia, and couldn’t help but be consumed by the rabid sports culture in the city. He began playing Ultimate in 10th grade, and hasn’t looked back since. He dreams of a day when people are as energetic about the Spinners as they are the Flyers or Sixers.

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