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Spinners Fans,

On behalf of the Philadelphia Spinners and the entire MLU organization, I’d like to thank our incredible fans for another great year of ultimate in supporting the Spinners by coming out to our games and watching us on TV best movies about weed.

We really could not make this happen without your support, and it’s wonderful to have the best fans in the country (in my humble opinion).

There were so many exciting moments during the Spinners Championship season, only made possible because of our fans. I had to pinch myself as I looked up into the huge crowd at the Championship game, and as the Spinners scored the final points to cap off our glorious victory, it felt like the building was about to explode.

There was just an incredible amount of energy from our fan base that kept us going in that game, represented by so many players from high school, college and even middle school teams, as well as Philadelphia’s vast array of excellent men’s, women’s and mixed club teams.

It sincerely was a victory for all of Philadelphia ultimate and we were able to show our Philly pride in brilliant fashion. It also shows how much of a fantastic ultimate community we have in Philadelphia, as we truly come together at these games.

The amazing sport of ultimate continues to grow each year in popularity, and the youth movement across the Philadelphia region is expanding at an incredible rate. Spinners games are just a wonderful opportunity for the entire family to watch an exciting sporting event in which you get to see other friends and families in the ultimate community.

So as a Spinners coach I’d like to thank you all for your support.

As a father, I can tell you that coming out to a Spinners game is a truly great sporting event for the entire family.

As a high school coach, I can tell you that it’s wonderful that the kids get to meet the Spinners, catch up with friends from our own team as well as from many of the other high school teams in the area at these games.

So with the ultimate families in mind, we’d like to wish each and every family a very Happy Thanksgiving as well as the start of a wonderful holiday season.

I hope you are looking forward to our upcoming 2017 season as much as I am, because it’s going to be another exciting year of ultimate.

Thank You and Best Always,

Steve Wherry, on behalf of the entire Spinners Organization

Steve Wherry is the Philadelphia Spinners Offensive Coordinator, and has been an assistant coach with the Spinners since 2015.

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